What is a Janitor?

Janitors keep office buildings, schools, hospitals, retail outlets, hotels and other places clean, sanitary and in good condition. Some just clean, others have different responsibilities. In addition to keeping the interior of the buildings clean and tidy, some doors work outdoors, the lawn can also be monitored by some heavy heating and cooling systems to keep the lawn, clear the roadway or remove snow, ensuring that they work properly.

What does a Janitor do?

Janitors usually do the following:

Empty Trash and Trash boxes
Clean the building floors with a broom, mopping or vacuum
Clean the bathrooms and stock them with soap, toilet paper, and other supplies
Close the doors and secure the buildings
Clean spills and other hazards using sponges and scoops
Wash windows, walls, and glass
Order cleaning supplies
Change the light bulb
When the building needs major repairs, notify managers
Janitors use a variety of tools and equipment. Common cleaning tools may include mops, brooms, racks, and shovels. Other tools may include snowblower and floor buffer. Some jets may be responsible for small electrical or plumbing repairs, for example, by repairing a leakage faucet.

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